Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations (AMCO) Press -Flyer – donating to HuBei provincial Hospital of TCM and Hospitals in rural area of HuBei

Picture from China Daily: Wuhan be Strong! 1998 China floods, 2003 SARS, the city of Wuhan has good records conquering difficult situations.

The outbreak of the coronavirus is the beginning of a battle that effects to the life of everyone: especially the doctors and nurses who are working on the front line of the battlefield. In Wuhan, doctors and nurses are working day and night to save people’s lives. The Chinese in Minnesota are touched by what we’ve seen.

Picture: doctors with patient at HuBei provincial Hospital of TCM

Picture: HuBei provincial Hospital of TCM bulletin board describing medical supplies needed: N95 masks, surgical masks, one-time use medical masks, protective medical hats, one-time use medical biohazard protection suits, surgical suits, goggles and disposable medical emulsion gloves are requested. Note the masks and suits need to meet medical standard.

The city of Wuhan is the epicenter of the outbreak. All of us are ready to support them to win this battle. “One in trouble, all will help” is a Chinese tradition, now Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations (AMCO) has a request to all people including Chinese, American Chinese and American friends in Minnesota: please reach out your hands and help the city of  Wuhan which is in urgent need for help.

AMCO is actively taking actions to fight the outbreak. We are connecting with HuBei provincial Hospital of TCM and hospitals in rural area of HUBei to deliver medical supplies to them directly as needed.

AMCO, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, will take full responsibilities to organize and ensure your donations reach the front lines. We will provide receipts to you for tax purposes. Ways to donate:

1.      Online Donation:

2.      Donation by Check:

Pay to : Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations  or AMCO

Mailing address:


P.O. Box 879, Anoka, MN 55303

MemoMinnesota-Wuhan  Coronavirus Fund

Please note if you need the receipt for tax or company donation match purposes.

We will provide the detailed donations of the Minnesota-Wuhan Coronavirus Fund timely using newspaper (China Tribune and Minnesota Times) and our website (

At the same time, AMCO welcomes more and more organizations and individuals to join us to work together supporting Hubei provincial Hospital of TCM and other hospitals in rural area of Hubei province.

We appeal all the public including our coworkers, friends, relatives, partners and companies reach out to your hands and share your love and friendship to HuBei provincial Hospital of TCM and hospitals in rural area of BuBei by donating to us.

Let’s work together to help the city of Wuhan defeat the critical situation. We have strong empathy to the people in Wuhan- feeling their pains and sharing their dreams to the future-because we respect the lives as they do and more importantly because we are ALL Chinese. 

Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations


Pei Jin:               612-501-2690

Sue Wang:         952- 486-3237

Bingwen Yan    612-308-1980



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