The 2nd Annual Princess of Asia Pageant

-Year of Dragon

 What’s better than three Princess of Asia queens? Six Princess of Asia queens! For the 2nd Annual Princess of Asia Pageant, there will be six titles to award. The age range in each division is narrowed. That is to say, there are more chances to win! Moreover, women, regardless of marital status, are invited to compete for the Ms. Dragon title!


 In addition, we are inviting boys to participate in the Princess of Asia Pageant by being an escort volunteer. Boys will benefit from increasing leadership, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills too! One Best Escort will be awarded.

 另外,我们欢迎男孩子参与到亚裔公主的评选活动中。 在充当护花志愿者的过程中,男孩子也会培养自强、自信和领导交流能力。我们将评选“最佳护花志愿者”一名。

To gain poise, self-confidence, and valuable communication skills, the Asian Americans aim to change the stereotypes against Asians in America. Based on the success of the first Princess of Asia Pageant, the Alliance of Minnesota Chinese Organizations, in collaboration with Confidence Building Academy of Minnesota and corporate sponsors, announces to host the 2nd Annual Princess of Asia Year of Dragon Pageant. 


To register, click on this link




Boys, with any ethnicity, who are 6 years old and older can be an escort volunteer.


Girls and women who have Asian heritage, either biologically or being adopted by Asian parents, or self-identified as Asian are eligible to apply.


Age Divisions


Contestants’ age division is decided by her age as of January 1, 2024.


Age Division

Title Awarded

6 years old and under

Little Dragon

7-9 years old

Princess Dragon

10-12 years old

Pre-Teen Dragon

13-15 years old

Jr. Teen Dragon

16-18 years old

Teen Dragon


Ms. Dragon

Required Competitions


  1.   社区服务-10%

Community Service takes 10% of the total score. It includes monetary and in-kind donations to people and organizations in need. It also includes your service (in hours) to the society. You will get the full score if you completed any (big or small) community service in 2023.

  1.   晚礼服-30%

Formal Wear Competition takes 30% of the total score. Contestants will walk on the stage in the formal evening gown of choosing. The dress needs to be appropriate for your age. The make-up should be age appropriate. Contestants will be judged on confidence and poise. The walking pattern is as below:

  1.   30秒种自我介绍-30%

Personal Introduction takes 30% of the total score. Contestants will introduce herself into the microphone on stage. The introduction should be 30 seconds or less. You are asked to say your name, age, and something interesting about yourself. Contestants will be judged on public speaking skills and stage presence. 

  1.   现场回答问题-30%

On-stage Question takes 30% of the total score. Contestants will draw a question from the Emcee and be given 30 seconds to answer it. The list of potential questions will be emailed to contestants once her registration is completed so that she can prepare them ahead of them. Please DO NOT memorize answers. They will be judged on communication skills and personality. 

Awards and Prizes


There is one winner in each age division. The prize package is worth more than $1500! The six winners will each receive: Crown; Banner; Cash $200; Certificate; Professional photoshoot; Gifts from Mall of America; 1-hour consultation from Confidence Building Academy of Minnesota; VIP Appearances at various events; More Sponsor gifts/gift cards/services to come…


Registration Fee


Registration Fee is $90 including the orientation and group training from Confidence Building Academy of Minnesota. 

The deadline for registration is January 31, 2024.


The time and place of the orientation and group training is listed below:


Time:9:30-11:30AM on Sunday, February 4, 2024.


1399 Eustis Street, St. Paul, MN 55108

Competition Time and Place


The time and place of the 2nd Annual Princess of Asia Year of Dragon Pageant is as following:

Time: 1:00-2:00PM on Sunday, February 11, 2024

Where:Rotunda, Mall of America 



Contact person: Meiyuan 612-968-1018